Unleashing Suppressed Voices on College Campuses

Diversity Issues in Higher Education, Second Edition

O. Gilbert Brown, Mona Y. Davenport, Kandace G. Hinton, Valerie Grim, Mary F. Howard-Hamilton
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To be unleashed is to be unbridled, set free, not controlled, or loosed. This second edition of Unleashing Suppressed Voices on College Campuses is all of these descriptors and more. The contributors of this volume released the often captive voices of students, faculty, and staff on college campuses who are mostly marginalized and silenced. The cases that are shared in the book are from actual experiences that many have faced in recent years. As such, the use of cases in teaching and training relative to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are important and useful tools. This book is a must use for courses in student affairs prep, higher education leadership, human resource development in higher education, and counseling programs. The cases provide rich context, detailed storytelling, theoretical frameworks, and thought provoking questions to encourage dialogue within the classroom or training sessions. Finally, each case provides a reading list to build upon the literature base that connects to the issues related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.