Honors Program

AAADS Honors Program

African American and African Diaspora Studies majors with a minimum 3.300 cumulative grade point average and a minimum 3.300 grade point average within AAADS are eligible for our departmental honors program.

Earning the honors designation for the B.A. degree involves enrolling in 9 credit hours of honors work. This consists of 3 credit hours of supervised readings and 6 credit hours of supervised independent research.

Independent research may take the form of a research project, field research, an internship, or creative activity. Eligible students should apply in the fall semester of their junior year. A copy of your transcript and a short letter of application describing your planned honors project (in general terms) is required for admission.

For more information, contact Shauna Melvin, our undergraduate academic advisor: aaadsadv@iu.edu.