Atkins Living-Learning Center

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Atkins Living-Learning Center (LLC) builds and encourages academic excellence through the study and expression of African American history and culture, as well as through the development of leadership that fosters strong community building, intellectual and social growth, and an ethic of care.

Atkins students are engaged and regularly contribute to our community. The approach to living and learning is designed to encourage enthusiasm and interaction about contemporary issues and life experiences. A passion for inclusive leadership guides the way as the Atkins community develops thinkers and creators of ideas to address tomorrow’s needs. Atkins activities include academic workshops, mentoring meetings, village-wide meetings, study tables, leadership training, and other programming.

What is a Living-Learning Center (LLC)?

A Living-Learning Center (LLC) is a residential space designed to bring students interested in common goals together. In addition to being a residence hall, an LLC has funding, dedicated facilities, staff support, and distinct academic options. You must apply to live in an LLC.

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