Student Experience

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AAADS Graduate Society

All AAADS graduate students are members of the Graduate Society, which meets several times each semester. From special projects to parties and other social gatherings, its purpose is to cultivate a sense of belonging within the department and the university.

We connect with multiple communities of color

Our department has a history of commitment to participating in the life of the multiple communities of color on campus and beyond. We interact with various academic and nonacademic groups within the city of Bloomington, and find points of intersection around common interests and themes.

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My time at Indiana University was priceless. I am a product of the IU Soul Revue. It helped create who I am. IU not only encouraged me to dream but also gave me the tools to make my dreams come true. It's like I've come full circle.

James A. Strong Jr., IU Soul Revue alumnus + director

Partnerships + Possibilities

The graduate experience in AAADS is enhanced by our connections with affiliated centers of research, creative activity, and student support. These provide an array of opportunities for participation, enrichment, and learning.

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