The top incoming AAADS graduate students may be awarded fellowships to support their study at IU. These prestigious awards carry at least one year of a guaranteed living stipend and full tuition remission followed by at least two years of either further fellowship support or guaranteed associate instructor positions, also with a stipend and full tuition remission.

Associate instructors

Most of our graduate students receive funding by working as associate instructors in one of our courses. These positions come with a living stipend and full tuition remission and often come in multi-year packages. Students gain key experience as graders, discussion section instructors, and instructors of standalone courses.

Research assistants

Some students serve as research assistants for AAADS faculty or other faculty on campus. Stipends and tuition remissions vary within these positions.

Other funding

There are several other funding opportunities within the department. The John McCluskey Jr. Best Dissertation Award is a competitive award with a generous stipend for the most robust dissertation submitted each year. As funds are available, AAADS also support students with particular activities such as conference travel and study abroad expenses.

IU offers several resources to help graduate students secure funding: