Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts degree

If you are interested in learning about history, art, literature, and social issues from a cross-cultural perspective, the B.A. in African American and African Diaspora Studies may be the right choice for you. Students in the program enjoy an interdisciplinary approach to learning.

Coursework in this major helps you gain the skills needed to think critically about African American, African diasporic, and American cultures. You focus on one concentration area for most of your advanced coursework, working with the academic advisor to choose among:

  • Arts
  • Literature
  • History, culture, and social issues

You are encouraged to research and develop your own projects while completing your degree, and may wish to pursue an Honors version of the degree.

Develop meaningful + marketable skills

Our degree helps you focus and develop a scholarship of value, engagement, civic duty, and interdisciplinary analysis. The skills stressed in AAADS include critical thinking and experiential learning, creative writing, reflective reading and writing, ethical and moral reasoning, service learning, community service, intercultural competence, and social justice.

Our graduates successfully pursue careers in academics, information technology, law, engineering, education, theatre and drama, music composition, journalism, criminal justice, creative writing, fundraising, politics, social work, business, community organizing, nonprofits, health care, the legal profession, banking, technology industries, and more.

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