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We are a vibrant community of scholars and students who examine the historical and contemporary experiences of people of African descent in the U.S. and throughout the world. Our interdisciplinary degree programs allow you to study a breadth of topics through the lens of Black experience and race.

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African American and African Diaspora Studies stands out among national peers, builds community, with teaching, research, and student experience offerings

AAADS offers degrees “from the bachelor’s to the Ph.D.,” and provides students a rich array of programmatic opportunities and myriad topics for study, research, and creative activity with a mission to create and share scholarship of the highest quality, considering the many dimensions of the African American and African diasporic experience.

Multidisciplinary perspectives

Our faculty represents a wide variety of interests and disciplines, spanning the social sciences and humanities. We create and share research that aids in the development and shaping of African American and African diaspora studies.

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