Career Preparation

Practical applications, international reach

A degree in African American and African Diaspora Studies helps you develop transferable skills in a field that has both practical applications and international reach. Research is frequently service-oriented, focused on making tangible changes within and across communities of color.

The flexibility of each degree allows you to cultivate your own gifts and specific approach to issues that affect the daily lives of many people. You gain expertise and develop skills to effectively convey the urgency of overcoming racism, understanding the history of Black Americans, and acknowledging the broad impact of the African diaspora.

Depending on the path your follow, your degree will give you specific knowledge regarding African American achievements in the arts, music, politics, law, education, medicine, business, and/or entertainment. You will train to become someone who can unearth the often-overlooked history of Black Americans and African immigrants, helping others gain a more complete understanding of diversity and justice within our country and our world.

Because of our strong connection to the African American Arts Institute, which allows qualified students to receive academic credit while involved with one of our professional performance ensembles, your degree may also provide a gateway to a career in the performing arts. It all depends on what you choose to focus on while finding a home within our dynamic program.