AAADS & Religious Studies

Interdepartmental Major in AAADS and Religious Studies B.A.

Are you curious about why people are religious? Have you ever wondered how religion has influenced the African American Community, both politically and socially? Do you have a desire to understand religion and how it relates to and shapes the rest of human life? Are you interested in ethical questions and seeking answers to them?

This B.A. gives you the opportunity to explore and examine the intersection of religion and its influences in African American life and culture. Foundational courses give you a strong base knowledge of global religious traditions and ideas, along a breadth of knowledge of the historical, cultural, and artistic contributions and influences of people of African descent.

Advanced coursework enables you to develop a depth of knowledge about historical and cultural topics relevant to African American and African Diaspora studies, as well as more background in American religious studies. You split your time between the two departments, with a course selection that weaves together an understanding of how and why religion plays the part that it does in African American history, art, politics, and culture.

This degree can prepare you to pursue a career in religious studies, law, education, criminal justice, politics, business, community organizing, and the non-profit sector. Students often seek out graduate programs in areas such as African American studies, religious studies, law, seminary, and business school.

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