Minor in AAADS

Students majoring in journalism, telecommunications, business, public and environmental affairs, pre-law, social work, education, and many other disciplines have found African American and African Diaspora Studies courses to be useful, interesting, and important to their chosen fields.

The AAADS minor combines well with many other degrees, allowing you to apply your AAADS knowledge and skills to your professional and personal life. Our courses help you deepen connections you are making within another subject area, and to prepare to work with diverse populations.

Requirements of the AAADS Minor

The AAADS minor requires you to complete 15 credit hours in African American and African Diaspora studies, including at least 9 credit hours in one of the three concentration areas:

  • Literature
  • Arts
  • History, Culture, and Social Issues

The academic advisor will help you select your courses, making sure they combine well with other requirements. At least 9 credit hours must be taken in residence at IU Bloomington. Make an appointment with Jessica Geiger at aaadsadv@iu.edu, Ballantine Hall 749. You should also consult with the advisor in your major area.